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    About Pasta Dough

    There are hundreds of possible different pasta shapes and they are all generally known by their Italian names in countries around the world. They range from lasagne (flat sheets) to spaghetti (long strings) to maccheroni (tube shapes) to fusilli (swirls). And you can use your pas ... Read more

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    Using Pasta Makers

    First, see our "Making Dough" page for advice on creating your dough to the right consistency to suit your pasta machine. Next, follow the instructions which ship with your pasta maker to prepare and set up your machine, then follow or adapt the following principles. Making thi ... Read more

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    Making Dough

    For optimum use of your pasta maker, your dough needs to be of just the right consistency. It needs to have just the right firmness, not too moist and not too dry. Experience, skill and practice are important factors here. Your instruction book (or recipe books) should have more ... Read more

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    Intro to Pasta Makers

    Creating fresh pasta with your very own pasta maker enables you to make an exceptional variety of delicious pasta dishes. The options and choices are vast. You can follow timeless traditional recipes, or create your own culinary masterpieces. No wonder Italian cooking is so popul ... Read more

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